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  Modi and Varanasi

The holy city of Varanasi is not going to be a cakewalk for the BJP strongman Narendra Modi. First, there is strong internal murmur against Modi for shifting Murli Manohar Joshi without listening to the viewpoint of the senior party leaders. True to the spirit of Hinduism, Varanasi is a city of peace and sanctity where people of all communities and castes have lived together in peace and harmony. Modi's extreme Hindutava actions and views and his model of governance in Gujarat has not gone down well with the people of this peace loving city. "HAR HAR MODI" slogan chanted by Modi supporters is an insult to Hinduism as this slogan is the lifeline of devotees of Lord Siva who chant "HAR HAR MAHADEV". On the other hand, Kejriwal is viewed as very secular at the same time very religious and his slogan of fighting corruption is perceived to be very genuine in stead of a hollow election campaign. If Kejriwal announces his candidature from Varanasi, the scene is going to hot up.

Criminalization of Politics

In spite of sincere attempt by the Supreme Court of India to contain criminals from entering electoral politics, the mainstream political parties do not exhibit any real intent to take positive steps. With Congress remaining somewhat in the sideline, BJP has gone all out to enlist candidates for Lok Sabha with winnability as the only criteria. It has given ticket to a large number of candidates with very visible criminal backgrounds. Many corrupt politicians have been inducted or re-inducted into the party.  The situation has gone so ugly that even veteran leaders like Sushama Swaraj have gone public with their disapproval. There is a feeling that those BJP leaders who are even suspected to be questioning Modi's style of functioning are being silenced.

The PM candidate of BJP who has not come out against the criminalisation of his own party nor has objected to the corrupt being given ticket has put a question mark over the people of the whole country on his model of governance. While he advocates against corruption and criminalisation, he practises just the opposite.